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nesher cemetery, mt. carmel, israel (18. Februar 2011)
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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
nesher cemetery, mt. carmel, israel © alex ringer

Our Hero
On December 2, Chanukah first day, Elad Riven - 16 y/o student from Haifa - joined the firefighters force in efforts to extinguish the inferno on mount Carmel. As a volunteer in the force it was only natural for him to leave his school and rush to the fire, to assist his unit in rescuing a cadets bus which was caught in the flames. Elad didn't return from this mission. He lost his life together with 43 people. His name will be engraved forever in our hearts and in the heart of the Carmel. His courage and spirit will remain always with us.
I salute you, Elad.

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